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Laser cleaning for restoration


In order to answer the needs of operators engaged in the field of artwork restoration and conservation, LAMBDA S.p.A. has developed various kind of laser, with or without optical fiber, which guarantee the cleaning of stone and other materials, respecting artworks. Laser technology has been entering this field successfully, as it guarantees effective cleaning without altering the chemical-physical characteristics of the underlying material.

Pushing always forward LAMBDA S.p.A. grants the most advanced technology in creating the laser systems for restoration and conservation. Our products satisfy all the restorers needs, whether they work in situ, in laboratory or in very small spaces. Higher homogeneity, speed and easiness of cleaning will be the results, compared both with traditional techniques and with other laser types.

Laser technology guarantees:
selective cleaning: the beam is absorbed by the superficial layer without affecting the substrate (no mechanical interaction and uniformity of treatment)
tunable cleaning: the power can be suited to the operator’s needs
high quality cleaning: the final result is immediately visible and the is no need to pre-consolidate‚Ä®.

Can be used for the cleaning of very different materials: stone, frescoes, metal, wood, paper, parchment, tissue.





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LAMBDA is always striving to meet the requirements of those involved in conservation and restoration. Our collaboration with restorers and institutions has led to the development of ArtLaser, a powerful and efficient tool in the cleaning of ample surfaces such as stone, wood or wall paintings, without harming the surface. The beam shot by ArtLaser is absorbed by the superficial dirt which is removed without affecting the stone substrate and therefore it guarantees: selectivity, self limitation and no alteration of the chemical characteristics of the underlying material. Thanks to its technology it is therefore possible to work on highly decayed materials by performing cleaning without the need for pre-consolidation. The compact size and shape, its easy use and sturdiness designed for intense work, make ArtLaser a suitable instrument for sites that require a rapid and uniform intervention.


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Nd:YAG Q-Switched laser, ARTDUO works at 1064 nm and at 532nm. A powerful machine with an agile articulated arm beam delivery system. ARTDUO joins all the best features of our lasers for art: ARTDUO delivers a powerful beam thanks to the articulated arm system which also provides less weight and greater freedom of movement of the handpiece; ARTDUO can operate with two different wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532nm, therefore removes not only dark deposits but also the red coloured ones; it is sturdy but not too large making ARTDUO a versatile machine that can work both on site and in the lab.


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ArtLight II


ArtLightII Laser is an optic-fibre laser especially designed for use in restoration. Artlight II in a single machine joins the characteristics of two different lasers: the Nd-YAG laser source can be used both in Q-switch or in Normal Free-running Mode. Higher homogeneity, speed and effortless cleaning will be the results, compared both with traditional techniques and with other laser types. The small size of ArtLightII Laser, and its optic-fiber ray outlet allows great freedom of movement. It has been designed to allow the operator to work easily on complex objects even in small spaces. The accuracy of the cleaning makes it an instrument suitable for use in a laboratory. ArtLight II Laser is equipped with a microprocessor control panel smartly and simply interfaced, for the control of the frequency and power of the laser beam.


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The small size of the new ARTINY LASER makes it easy to use in tight spaces and practical to transport anywhere.
Like all the Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers, the ARTINY LASER guarantees selective cleaning and preserves the substrate. It can be used on a wide range of materials and on decayed surfaces, without the need for pre-consolidation. ARTINY LASER can be used with two different wavelengths, according to the conservator’s needs. The KTP crystal sets the laser beam to the 532 nm wavelength (ideal for removing tones of red), and can be used along with the main 1064 nm wavelength.


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