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Microclimate monitoring

The major aim of LAMBDA S.p.A Art Division is to preserve Cultural Heritage by monitoring its wellness state.
The objects, buildings and places that a society considers special for aesthetic, artistic, documentary, environmental, historic, scientific, social, or spiritual values are commonly designated Cultural Heritage and constitutes a material and cultural legacy that must be passed on to future generations. Preserving this heritage means protecting it against the most diverse causes of deterioration: climatic changes, both indoors and out, pollution, increases in the number of visitors inside museums and special sites.
Conservators and restorers must work together to preserve our cultural heritage, by limiting the number and extent of direct interventions on such objects, and by favouring the creation of proper microclimatic conditions for conservation.
Monitoring microclimates is the right step in this direction: it is the fundamental starting point for the analysis of the nature of the causes of material degradation. Only with this knowledge is it possible to slow down the degradation process and deter the onset of new damage.
Through statistical and punctual analysis of microclimatic data it is possible to know the entity and frequency at which critical conservation conditions are reached, whether daily, seasonally or occasionally. This knowledge allows us to correlate these conditions with events such as opening hours of museums, malfunctions of HVAC systems, insufficient isolation, illumination, etc.
Preliminary monitoring is therefore an essential step towards finding the best way to improve conservation conditions, be it through passive measures (isolation, proper lighting, closures, etc) or active air conditioning.



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Microclimate services


The microclimate monitoring allows: the continuous supervision of the environmental parameters (temp, relative humidity, pollution, dust, light, airflows, number of visitors); the real-time verification of the trends; the elaboration of data for a final report.The control allows to manage dehumidification/humidification systems, air conditioning and heating systems in accordance with the values acquired from sensors.


 From the structural surveys to the microscopic analysis, LAMBDA SpA offers solutions for interventions in case of rising humidity, efflorescence, evaporative phenomena, lifting of the paint film or in the presence of all diseases caused by poor management of the microclimate.


LAMBDA SpA, thanks to the many years of experience, works as consultant, being involved in the redevelopment or renovation of museums, historic buildings and private buildings. The consultancy provides the best in protection of archaeological sites, museums and artworks.

RadioClimart WEB

RadioClimart WEB


The RadioClimart WEB central unit allows the WIRELESS connection with the sensors for the measurement of environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity etc., collecting data in the central unit.The RadioClimArt WEB central unit can be connected to the WEB in order to verify the system from any web browser. Wherever a web connection is not allowed, is possible to connect the central unit to the ethernet, WIFI, LAN o GSM modem. Ideal for monitoring inside museums, archives, churches and everywhere is requied continuous environmental data recording.

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A reliable digital monitoring unit wherever continuous monitoring is required. The system runs on a RS 485 cable standard, allowing any length of cable between the sensors and the central recording unit for an undisturbed signal. The sensors connect to the WireClimArt central unit by means of a plug&play system.


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