Lambda S.p.A. operates within a group of companies that are active in various sectors and share a vision based on the continuous development of technology. Its headquarters, laboratories, and production facilities are located in the province of Vicenza. The LAMBDA team is composed of experts in electronic and optic systems with twenty years of experience in the manufacture of electronic components and lasers for various uses. The company operates in dental sector (Doctor Smile) and cultural heritage (Doctor Art). Lambda S.p.A. started its activities in the field of cultural heritage and the arts by developing lasers used in the restoration of works of art. Thanks to the continuous evolution and effectiveness of its laser products, Lambda S.p.A. broadened its horizons to include the dental sector. Ongoing scientific research has facilitated the development of laser products for these fields not only for Lambda S.p.A. brands, but also for others operating in the medical and dental markets with OEM and OBL solutions.

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